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    Black Holes

    The wonders of this universe never cease to amaze us, and another such intriguing topic is that of a ‘Black Hole’.

    The basic idea of a black hole revolves around Einstein’s theory of ‘General relativity’, from where we learn that a black hole isn’t exactly a hole but an extremely dense object with such high gravity in its vicinity that it even entraps light. Though some may argue about light being entrapped due its massless nature, efforts are being made through the String theory to have a better understanding about a black hole’s nature.

    The black holes are several light years away from us and therefore an interactive study on them is practically impossible! So the method picked up by the scientists here on Earth is that of a hit and trial one, where guesses are made and then they look for results that might showcase in the outer regions of a black hole whereby proving the practicality of a guess as an inner study of a black hole isn’t possible.

    To picturize a black hole imagine a flaming lasso which is very bright along its periphery and completely dark in the middle, this region is that what is known as an ‘Event horizon’, while most of the studies are focused on the outer regions of the event horizon the String theory focuses at the Event horizon itself.

    Nowadays a new method which makes use of gravitational waves is being developed which might help us study the inner regions of a black hole.

    Suggested books to read are: ‘Black holes and baby universes’ by Stephen Hawking and a book on relativity by Kip Thorne.

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