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    Hip-hop through the ages

    The hip hop culture has never been just about music. Within hip-hop, lies the foundation of 4 art forms: Rapping, DJing, Breaking and Graffiti-art. The roots of this cultural movement lie in Bronx, New York.

    In early 1970's, the people of New York started moving towards the suburbs. The minorities that stayed, played a major role in shaping what hip hop started as. The despair of unemployment and poverty led to the rise of gang violence and crime in areas surrounding New York. The oppressed youth started finding ways of cultural expression in parties with whatever little amenities they had.

    Kool Herc is widely regarded as the founder of old school hip-hop, the first generation of this movement. Herc started disc jockeying(DJing) wherever he found the opportunity, with people around him rapping to the music he produced.

    By the mid 1980's new school hip hop had taken shape. This was the second generation of this movement. This art form was now a part of mainstream media and had started to shape new trends of the generation.

    21st century hip-hop is, as the name suggests, the ongoing era of this movement. As an art form, it has seen both highs and lows. Electronic means of both production and transmission have taken the world of art by storm. Hip-hop has found a way to stay relevant through all these changes.

    It is revolutionary though, how an art form, which came from the streets of New York City, divides people into East and West coast rivalries as well as unites them on a stage as big as the academy awards. Hip-hop now shapes political ideologies and is a part of everyone's life in one way or another. 

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