About Us

Q: About us ?

We need to know about you first. If the name brought you here, we thank the person who thought of it. If you’re curious or just mining for data, we hope you don’t find out who we are. In case you’re just snooping around, get a life! 

Q: What is the procedure ?

We make awesome unisex t-shirts. You get them. Both of us are happy. There’s a balance. Life’s good.

Q: What do we do, you ask?

Our designers put in a lot of efforts to create the products that you see. These designs are then picked up, transported and unloaded(printed) on supremely soft and comfortable unisex t-shirts. This phenomenal piece of art thus obtained is then delivered with utmost care to your doorstep. 

Q: What happens next?

You wear these t-shirts and step out. You make heads turn and lips curve into smiles. You even leave people scratching their heads, trying to make sense of what they have just witnessed. More smiles make the world a happier place. Who doesn’t like that ?

Q: Any conclusion ?

Sure, Brainsick Biscuit is essentially a brainsick brainchild of brainless biz kids who want to contribute to the ever increasing entropy of the universe, in whatever random way seems cool.